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ViChem Specialty Products, LLC. is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly drilling fluid additives and systems. The struggle to balance cost with increasing environmental concerns and regulations has created a serious need for economical drilling fluids that maintain environmental compliance. The combination of expertise in field application, manufacturing and research and development has allowed ViChem to address that need and provide a complete line of environmentally friendly products for use in oil and gas exploration.

  • Passenger liner “Honolulan” sets 1911 speed record using fuel oil instead of coal to power steam boilers.

  • William Burton in 1919 patents refining process to “crack” petroleum, doubling gasoline extracted from oil.

  • Dr Suess in 1928 draws first “Flit” cartoon ad, first of hundreds for Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey.


Current Projects

ViChem is featured in Drilling Contractor Article

ViChem Specialty Products is featured in July/August 2014 Edition of Drilling Contractors “A Fluid Situation”. …
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Hybrid System combines benefits of WBMs & EBMs

The February 2014 issue of E&P Magazine features an un-biased analysis when considering an oil/synthetic versus a …
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ViChem Increases Production Capacity

In response to high demand due to better than expected results, ViChem has increased its production capacity to …
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Our Clients

Our Clients