About ViChem

ViChem Specialty Products, LLC. was established in 2011 after four years of research and development yielded products to specifically address the need for environmentally friendly drilling fluid additives and systems. The headquarters and laboratory are located in Conroe, TX with our manufacturing facility in Snook, TX.

The goal of ViChem is to provide the customer with the strength and research and development capabilities of a large company while maintaining the personal touch of an independent. ViChem has a fully equipped and functional laboratory that can provide the customer with customized environmental solutions and real time support to drilling problems as they arise.

ViChem was founded on research developing the Multi-Hydroxyl Alcohol (MHA) Drilling Fluid System. The MHA System is a water-based system utilizing the unique properties of Multi-Hydroxyl Alcohols. Multi-Hydroxyl alcohols are short chain hydrocarbons similar to oil which allows the MHA drilling fluid system to have stability and performance characteristics comparable to OBMs. The popularity of the MHA System has been based on proven field results.