Coiled Tubing Products

ViChem Specialty Products provides products that are formulated specifically for the demands of the coiled tubing industry. Our products are a result of both superior technology and extensive R&D. We offer a specific line of coiled tubing products, with an emphasis on horizontal operations and pressure pumping chemicals.

Friction Reducers / Pipe on Pipe / Scale Inhibitors / Clay Stabilization

From freshwater and high-brine applications to combination gels and friction reducing products, ViChem carries a wide variety proven products for today’s oilfield operations. ViChem developed and tested our products to offer the highest quality & performance for the best price.

Coiled Tubing Products:

  • FR Pro™           (Friction Reducer)
  • Pipe Pro™         (Pipe on Pipe Lubricant)
  • Pipe Pro XT™    (Pipe on Pipe Lubricant Cold Tolerant)
  • ViXan L103™     (Liquid Xanthan Gum)
  • ViXan L104™     (High Yield Liquid Xanthan Gum)
  • SI-55e™            (Permanent Shale Inhibitor)
  • SI-60™              (Cation Blend Shale Inhibitor)
  • ViScale™           (Scale Inhibitor)
  • CT-20™             (Coiled Tubing Lubricant)