Direct Emulsion 40/60 PK System

ViChem developed this system to be a low weight with a specific gravity of less than 9 ppg using unconventional chemistry and introducing our new SST Technology (Solid State Technology) with dry emulsifiers.  This system can be run at 40/60 or 50/50 percent ratios of oil to water while still maintaining acceptable rheology and electrical stability.  This system also utilizes our product HyperOil™ (pickering emulsion) along with 3 other components.  One solid component WaTor™ is used for emulsion in the water phase and the other solid component OilTor™ is used for emulsion in the oil phase.  The third component NyDiol™ is a liquid utilized as a wetting agent.

Applications & Benefits:

  • More cost effective than traditional 80/20 ratio emulsion fluids
  • Can be built onsite saving money on trucking
  • Eliminates the need for traditional drum emulsifiers and disposal of the drums

Direct Emulsion 40/60 PK System Presentation