EasyOil™ Invert Emulsion System

The EasyOil™ system was developed to replace the classic emulsifying agents used in most emulsion based muds on the market using tall oil and other surfactants.  EasyOil™ does not use organophilic clay to achieve rheology and electrical stability.  It eliminates the need for primary, secondary emulsifiers and wetting agents.  The key component is HyperOil™ which is a solid product which migrates to the oil/water interphase and creates stable emulsions while also creating viscosity.  The benefit to running the system is its flexibility in the field and it eliminates multiple steps common with running emulsion based muds.  It is also compatible with any emulsion systems using the traditional emulsifiers and other common additives.

Applications & Benefits:

  • Can be formulated as a starting or maintaining fluid in OBM plants that rent mud
  • can be used to improve existing field emulsions
  • could be used as a replacement to fresh fluids when experiencing high losses
  • can be built onsite / on the fly
  • eliminates drums and waste onsite typical with liquid emulsifiers and other additives

EasyOil™ Presentation