OptimDrill™ System

  • OptimDrill™ is a system of three liquid components used to formulate fresh and brine water drilling fluids.
  • OptimDrill™ System is a versatile low cost water based drilling fluid suitable for drilling unstable shale and depleted zones where high rates of losses are expected.
  • OptimDrill™ is a system of easy preparation and its components are maximized because of its fluid nature.


  1. OptimStay™ – balanced solution composed of shale stabilizer cation sources and a buffering agent to generate a pH suitable for salt rich environments and addresses corrosion problems.
  2. OptimVis™ – is a viscous liquid suspension formed by two synthetic polymers that provide rheology and fluid loss control to the overall system.
  3. OptimSlide™ – is a blend of two lubricant base fluids.  One provides an excellent filming lubricant and the other provides a excellent sliding lubricant.  OptimSlide also has a highly effective additive to improve the mud cake quality.

OptimDrill™ Presentation & Lab Data