MHA™ Drilling Fluid System

The Hybrid Drilling Fluid System Bridging The Gap Between OBMs and WBMs

ViChem’s MHA system is a true hybrid of these two predominate systems and offers the FULL benefits of each system as well as some standalone benefits. The MHA system is a hybrid because it is composed, in part, of an organic base fluid like diesel or synthetic based muds but unlike traditional OBM base fluids, the MHA base fluid is completely water soluble, requiring no emulsification. Therefore, the MHA system offers the performance benefits of OBM such as ROP, lubricity, and inhibition due to its hydrocarbon influence, while maintaining the HSE benefits and ability to control losses of WBMs do to its water solubility. In short, it offers the benefits of OBM for half the price while also offering the full range of benefits of WBM.

MHA System Components:

  • Vichem MHA Base Fluid (98% biobased content)
  • Vichem L-20 Lubricant (89% biobased content)
  • Vichem SI-60 Shale Inhibitor
  • Vichem SI-60 Shale Inhibitor
  • Vichem CQ Bio-324 Biocide
  • Bio Polymers

MHA Brochure

MHA Product Data

Cost & Performance Analysis – Permian Basin Study

Multi-Well Analysis MHA vs OBM

Cost Comparison MHA vs OBM

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