CQ Bio-324 Biocide

CQ Bio-324 Data Sheet

CQ Bio-324 Brochure

The operators’ struggle to balance cost with environmental regulations has driven the increasing use of guidelines and products designed to inflict minimal or no harm on the environment. Many of the drilling fluid additives used today are derived from natural sources or are synthetics proven to be biodegradable.

While the use of biodegradable products addresses the environmental issues it can stimulate bacterial growth by adding a carbon source to the drilling fluid system. If unmitigated, bacterial growth can increase costs, damage equipment, reduce drilling fluid performance, cause health and safety issues and decrease overall well production.

ViChem’s CQ Bio 324 Biocide is a broad spectrum biocide for use in all phases of oilfield operations potentially saving millions in operational costs and extending the lifetime of a well. It has a relatively quick kill time and long lasting effects while maintaining environmental compliance. Use of ViChem’s CQ Bio 324 biocide prevents biodegradation of drilling or completion fluid components and thereby minimizes the overall cost and maximizes the ease of reaching the drilling objective.

Deleterious Microbial Processes

  • Biogenic production of hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Microbially induced corrosion
  • Decreases in formational permeability
    • Loss of flow from injection wells
    • Premature loss of production on producing wells
  • Plugging of tubulars and other equipment
  • Degradation of drilling/finishing fluids


  • Broad spectrum kill including sulfate reducing, acid producing and general heterotrophic bacteria as well as fungi and bacterial spores
  • Quick kill
  • Long term effectiveness (greater than 6 months down hole)
  • No known interferences with drilling fluid or downhole additives
  • Reduces surface tension allowing greater reach into the wellbore

CQ Bio 324 Prevents

  • Biodegradation of drilling fluid
  • Microbially induced corrosion
  • Biogenic souring of wells
  • Plugging of equipment and formation


  • Approved for all Oilfield applications
  • EPA Registered
  • North Sea Approved

Application Area

  • Drilling Fluids/Water Treatment
  • Workover and Completion Fluid
  • Stimulation & Cementing
  • Pipeline and Tank Maintenance/li>

Typical Properties

  • Specific gravity – 1.16
  • Appearance/odor – Pale yellow liquid / Pungent odor
  • Viscosity – 7.2 cps @ 25°C
  • pH Stability – up to 13.6
  • See also MSDS