L-20 Data Sheet
L-20 Brochure
Lubricity Testing – Diesel &  Mineral Oil vs. Vichem L-20

Product Description

ViChem L-20 is a non-petroleum based organic vegetable oil with a uniquely high affinity for coating both particles in the mud and metal surfaces giving it superior performance as a lubricant, shale stabilizer and corrosion inhibitor. It is especially effective as an alternative to oil-based additives where environmental constraints preclude the use of hydrocarbon based chemical additions.

Application Functions

Can be used to reduce torque and drag and to encapsulate gumbo type shales. It also protects polymers in the drilling mud so that they can continue to perform in higher temperature environments. It is especially effective in directional wells where torque becomes an issue when sliding with a mud motor.

  • Advanced Lubricant
    • Lab tests measuring film strength and lubricity confirm field observations of its superior lubricating properties
    • Improves Rate of Penetration
    • Smoother, faster trips reduce down time
    • Facilitates sliding operations allowing longer laterals
  • Shale Stablizer
    • Provides a gauged hole and less sloughing/washout
    • Encapsulates gumbo reducing bit balling and increasing ROP
    • Crisp and non-degraded cuttings provide better rheologies and reduced coloidal buildup
  • Corrosion Inhibitor – reduces damage to drill pipe


  • Is nonpolluting and biodegradable
  • Can be used in fresh / salt water and oil based muds
  • Shale hydration and sloughing is reduced
  • Flows readily in cold environments
  • Increased rates of penetration
  • High film strength
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Corrosion inhibitor