Hulti-Hydroxyl Alcohol Base

The Multi-Hydroxyl (MHA) Base is formulated from a proprietary mix of heavy alcohols as an environmentally friendly alternative to oil or synthetic bases used in drilling fluid formulations. Similar to oil and synthetic base fluids, MHA is a hydrocarbon molecule blend with the exception that MHA is an “alcohol hydrocarbon” as opposed to an “oil hydrocarbon” and therefore completely miscible in water.

MHA Base is composed of polar molecules much the same as a water. However, the molecules in the MHA Base are much larger than water molecules and therefore cannot penetrate into the shale as water molecules do to cause hydration. This effect generates a fluid that is treated as a water phase fluid, yet because of its hydrocarbon influence, will act with oil like properties in the areas of lubricity and inhibition.

Because MHA Base is completely miscible (soluble) in water, no emulsification is required. This reduces any “skin damage” that might occur on the pay formation due to “emulsion block” This is often not considered where hydraulic fracturing is done, yet it is good practice to protect the pay formation with regard to the drilling fluid whenever possible.

The MHA Base is completely biodegradable and cleanup whether scheduled or due to a mishap is immensely easier and less costly than with oil systems. Oil or Synthetic based fluids will leave your company with cradle to grave environmental, health and safety liabilities that are not associated with the MHA Base.

Multi-Hydroxyl Alcohol Base – Benefits

  • Gives the system its unique properties
  • “Alcohol hydrocarbon” as opposed to an “oil hydrocarbon”
  • Hydrocarbon molecule blend containing multiple hydroxyl groups allowing it to act like an oil and an alcohol
  • Miscible in water while still retaining its oil like properties in the areas of lubricity and inhibition
  • Offers protection from emulsion block of the payzone
  • Completely biodegradable

MHA is an environmentally friendly water based drilling fluid formulation specifically designed with the lubricity and inhibition necessary to drill horizontal shale payzone formations.