ViChem SI-60 Inhibitor

Product Data

ViChem SI-60 Shale Inhibitor is a proprietary mix of cationic molecules for use in water-based drilling fluids specifically designed to inhibit shale hydration. The molecules in SI-60 are specially designed to displace ions on the surface of shales and thereby block the penetration of water effectively stopping the swelling and dispersive tendencies of clay-containing shales.

Laboratory tests and field studies have suggested that the degree of inhibition provided by SI-60 is significantly greater than any other water-based additive, truly approaching the level of an oil-based system. Use of this product produces stable, gauged boreholes and helps to keep cuttings together minimizing dispersion.

SI-60 can be used “off the shelf” or custom blended based on laboratory testing of formational shale samples.


  • Improves shale stabilization encouraging stable, gauged boreholes
  • Strengthening of the well bore walls, minimizing sloughing
    • Can promote clay and shale stabilization to prevent swelling and/or dispersion
    • Seals small fractures in stressed shale formations
  • Provides excellent cuttings encapsulation reducing cuttings dispersion
  • Enhances removal of drill solids
  • Reduces colloidal solids concentrations
  • Reduces risks of screen blinding
  • Does not negatively affect fluid rheology if properly applied
  • Chloride free
  • Can be optimized to meet specific needs