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ViChem is featured in Drilling Contractor Article

ViChem Specialty Products is featured in July/August 2014 Edition of Drilling Contractors “A Fluid Situation”. The article highlights ViChem’s Hybrid MHA Drilling Fluid when compared to Conventional Water Based and Oil Based Fluids.


Hybrid System combines benefits of WBMs & EBMs

The February 2014 issue of E&P Magazine features an un-biased analysis when considering an oil/synthetic versus a water based drilling fluid. The highlight of the article is Vichem’s Hybrid MHA Drilling Fluid. It continues to have success bridging the gap between costs, performance and environmental characteristics commonly experienced between oil/synthetics and water based drilling fluids.

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ViChem Increases Production Capacity

In response to high demand due to better than expected results, ViChem has increased its production capacity to better serve its clients. Current capacity is anticipated to be sufficient to serve a growing customer base for the next 5-10 years.


ViChem’s MHA System Appears in Drilling Contractor

Drilling Contractor has highlighted the Multi-Hydorxyl Alcohol Drilling Fluid System in an article appearing in the June 26th issue of their eNews.  The article was written by associate editor Katherine Scott based on an interview with ViChem’s Director of Research and Development, Dr. Buddy Gaertner.  The article discusses field and laboratory data demonstrating that a company does not have to sacrifice performance for environmental compliance.


ViChem Expert Access Hosted by OE Magazine

OE Magazine hosted an Expert Access Webinar based on a recent article in their May issue authored by Dr. Buddy Gaertner the Director of Research and Development for ViChem Specialty Products.  The event was entitled “New Drilling Fluid Offers Environmental Advantages” and covered recent work with the application of Multi-Hydroxyl Alcohol Drilling Fluid System in brine systems. A recording of the webinar is available on their website.


ViChem Presenting at AADE FTCE 2013

ViChem is presenting published results obtained from tests demonstrating the superior performance of the Multi-Hydroxyl Drilling Fluid System. The results of laboratory tests and field trials demonstrate the MHA System provides the shale inhibition, lubricity and stability necessary to meet the operational demands and challenges placed on drilling fluids of technically demanding wells while minimizing health, safety and environmental costs and concerns.


ViChem Radio Segment

ViChem is working together with Kevin Price and Kent Batman to run a radio segment on Houston’s KNTH 1070 AM Tuesday mornings at 7:00 am. The segment will concentrate on energy and specifically about the economic benefits of environmental stewardship. See the first segment with Buddy Gaertner, Ph.D. as well as the full schedule of The Price of Business.



ViChem is set to partner up with McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. for a booth at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s 25th Annual Natural Gas Strategy Conference and Executive Forum. Colorado is facing an energy revolution with the recent increase in development of shale reserves. ViChem’s complete line of environmentally friendly drilling fluid additives and systems could help alleviate some of the environmental concerns of development currently held by locals.


Drilling for Production

One goal of ViChem and the MHA Drilling Fluid System is to allow our operators to “Drill for Better Production.” It is important to remember that the overall goal of drilling operations is to extract oil and gas, not to simply to drill a hole. ViChem works with its clients to help increase synergy between drilling, completions and production phases of a venture to help increase production. Ongoing research with the MHA Drilling Fluid System has confirmed the potential to increase production on wells.



A combination of field and laboratory studies has proven the suitability of ViChem’s CQ Bio 324 Biocide for use in drilling fluids. Biodegradable products are, by definition, susceptible to degradation by microscopic organisms. Results from the study published by the American Association of Drilling Engineers demonstrated that microbes can potentially cause up to $3,000 per day in damages to an operational drilling fluid system.