ViChem Launches New Oil-Based Mud Performance Enhancer

Conroe, TX – June 16, 2015 – ViChem Specialty Products, LLC announced today it has commercially released LPR-50™ for improving the performance of oil-based drilling fluids.  LPR-50 is an esther-based additive specifically formulated to stabilize and enhance the key properties of OBMs.

LPR-50 has been field tested to increase ROP by contributing to lubricity and increasing annular flow by reducing pump pressures.  LPR-50 is particularly valuable in extending the life of an OBM and increasing cost efficiency because it is highly effective on field muds with high concentrations of low-gravity solids.

“The most intriguing thing about LPR-50 is that it can practically pay for itself by reducing the use of OBM support products, such as emulsifiers and HTHP additives, while delivering performance benefits,” said ViChem Specialty Products Dr. Buddy Gaertner.

About ViChem Specialty Products:

ViChem Specialty Products, LLC is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly drilling fluid additives and systems. The struggle to balance cost with increasing environmental concerns and regulations has created a serious need for economical drilling fluids that maintain environmental compliance. The combination of expertise in field application, manufacturing and research and development has allowed ViChem to address that need and provide a complete line of environmentally friendly products for use in oil and gas exploration.


Missy Bindseil
ViChem Specialty Products, LLC