ViFormance Products – Performance Enhancing Additives & Lubricants

ViChem Specialty Products offer a full line of Drilling Fluid Additives to help improve the performance and control rheologies of Water Based Drilling Fluids.  ViChem specializes in product develompment and R&D to offer the best technology in the industry.  ViChem prides themselves on specialty products to get the most out of your drilling fluid program.

  • AquaBoost™                (All in One Performance Enhancer Additive for Water Based Drilling Fluids)
  • BrineBoost™                (All in One Performance Enhancer Additive for Brine Based Drilling Fluids)
  • Pipe Pro™                   (Pipe on Pipe Lubricant)
  • Pipe Pro XT™              (Cold Temperature Pipe on Pipe Lubricant)
  • L-20 Lube™                 (Drilling Fluid Lubricant)
  • Stealth Lube™             (Dual Lubricant / Friction Reducer for Drilling and Coiled Tubing Operations)
  • Bakken Lube™            (Calcium Tolerant Drilling Fluid Lubricant)
  • Bakken Lube Pro™      (Cold Temperature Calcium Tolerant Drilling Fluid Lubricant)