Optim Lube – Combined Liquid & Solid Lubricant

Product Data

Optim Lube™ is a water-dispersible lubricant with an extremely high attraction to metal surfaces. This polar attraction increases its efficiency as it initially adheres to metal instead of other surfaces such as drill solids.

Optim Lube™ is a balanced combination of liquid and solid lubricant. This product is designed to enhance the ROP reducing the friction coefficient for WBM and OBM systems.

Optim Lube™ was created to reduce friction and coefficient of friction that exists between the drilling assembly and the well bore and casing.

Optim Lube™ reduces weight stacking in highly deviated well bores, allowing the transfer of more weight to the bit. This increases ROP, decreases torque and drag, and minimizes problems tripping in and out of the hole in drilling, work-over, and coiled tubing operations.

Optim Lube™ was developed with criterion PPD (pour point depressant) and can withstand low temperatures of 5-10°F without undergoing changes in viscosity or waxy mass generation.