ViMul Products – OBM/SBM Support Products

ViChem Specialty Products offer a full line of support products to help improve the performance and control rheologies of Synthetic/Oil Based Drilling Fluids.  ViChem specializes in product develompment and R&D to offer the best technology in the industry.  ViChem prides themselves on specialty products to get the most out of your drilling fluid program.

  • ViMul P               (Primary Emulsifier Concentrate)
  • ViMul SW            (Secondary/Wetting Agent Emulsifier Concentrate)
  • ViMul One Shot   (All in One Emulsifier Combination)
  • ViMul Troll           (Liquid Polymeric HTHP Fluid Loss Control Additive)
  • ViMul Tron           (Polymeric Viscosifier)
  • ViMul RFG           (HPHT Fluid Loss Control for Invert Emulsion)
  • ViMul Mod 571     (Rheology Modifier)
  • ViMul ThickOil      (Viscosifier)
  • ViMul ThinOil        (Wetting Agent / Thinner and Emulsion Stabilizer Additive)
  • ViMul LPR-50™    (Oil Based Mud Performance Enhancer)