ViMul One Shot-SS – All-in-One Combination Dry Emulsifier

ViMul-One Shot-SS™ is field strength 100% active blend of modified tall oil derivatives and other proprietary products in a form of a free flowing powder.  The dry product mixes into drilling fluids very easily and eliminates issues with storage, pour point & deliverability issues in cold climates.  It also addresses the waste & disposal of drums and totes onsite.

ViMul-One Shot-SS™ is used in invert emulsifier systems as a primary and secondary emulsifier.

ViMul-One Shot-SS™ is designed to emulsify water into oil and to aid in oil-wetting of drill solids.

ViMul-One Shot-SS™ is designed to increase emulsion stability and to aid in fluid loss control.

ViMul-One Shot-SS™ delivers premium performance across a broad temperature range and in a variety of mud formulations.