ViMul Tron – Polymeric Viscosifier for Oil Based Muds

Product Data Sheet

ViMul Tron™ is a polymeric product containing particles with a very special morphology designed to createa versatile gel-building additive, and to allow for accurate rheological control of invert emulsion systems at low loading levels, across most base oils.

ViMul Tron™ builds a shear- thinning associative gel, and drilling fluids formulated are stable under severe chemical and shear conditions up to bottom hole temperatures of 500°F (260°C).

ViMul Tron™ is an alternative to organophilic clays

ViMul Tron™ as a thixotropic system, the invert emulsion must exhibit adequate viscosity at very low shear, thinning out quickly when sheared. When such shearing action is halted, the fluid thickens quickly to hold cuttings suspended.  The fluid must become thick rapidly, reaching sufficient gel strength before the suspended materials fall any significant distance. This behavior must be totally reversible at all temperatures encountered.

ViMul Tron™ allows operators to achieve this behavior more effectively than organophillic clays, eliminating the addition of solids, pressure surges and spikes downhole, and the inconsistent rheological profile(s) that come with solid additives.

ViMul Tron™when used as rheological additives in oil-based drilling fluids, conventional organophillic clays typically display marked viscosity losses when heated to more than 350°F (177°C).

ViMul Tron™ allows preparing more stable systems at temperatures up to 500°F, and the fluid maintains its anti-settling performance over a wide range of temperatures, resulting in a more stable rheological profile.

ViMul Tron™ readily disperses, does not require high activation temperatures and works in most commercially available base oils, from diesel, low toxicity mineral oils and iso-olefins to paraffinic oils.